Yoga Garden (Philly), a new Yoga Studio at 9th and South, is a studio at the forefront of getting more practicing Yogis in the City.  After taking a class at Yoga Garden after it first opened in September I was hooked!  I had never practiced Yoga regularly but the beauty (cleanliness!) and peace of the studio combined with some of the best teachers in the City began to transform the way I thought about movement and the connection between mind and body.

Yoga Garden is guided by Owner and Director, Mark Nelson, who teaches yoga as a “personal healing science and profound life changing philosophy.”  Mark is not only one of the nicest people that you will ever  meet, but is also incredibly knowledgeable and guides his students mindfully understanding the subtleties of what each body needs.   Most all-level or beginner classes are suitable for the postpartum mom and prenatal classes are offered 5 days per week at varying times – morning, afternoon and evening. Feel free to drop in with any instructor, because unlike many studios that are hit or miss, every instructor is impressive.