Anyone who is expecting or is a new parent and has begun the search through the massive mess of gear, products and toys on the market has had real moments of intimidation early on. What do I really need? Is this safe for my baby? What is the real difference in quality between brands? Can there really be 100 different variations of bottles and nipples? How do I know what brands or products to trust?

The answer is that even the best brands and highest quality products can get recalled. Parents should expect at minimum that a few (even carefully selected) baby products/toys will be recalled during their child’s first few years. To a new parent, this is terrifying! I always encourage my babyplanning clients to register their gear and juvenile products. This is so important since in the event an item is recalled, you will be notified by the company. Many parents have recalled items in their home and don’t know it! There is so much going on in life and the registration gives the peace of mind. But what if you haven’t registered your products? Or what if you have a borrowed or second hand product?

I was really excited when I heard about a new website called ** WeMakeItSafer works with consumers, vendors, researchers and media to provide the most current recall and safety information with both free and fee-based services. They even have a service called Items I own that checks your items against the last ten years of CPSC recalls at once. Then, it keeps checking every day. Items I own is similar to a Google alert for your baby products!

Here are the top five points to consider when buying baby gear and products:

  1. Make sure it is Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certified.
  2. Does it pass the parent test? If you don’t think it is safe, don’t buy it. Trust your gut feeling.
  3. Choose products that fit your parenting and lifestyle.
  4. Do your research! Read reviews, search consumer reports and ask friends questions.
  5. Register your products and/or use WeMakeItSafer!

**I haven’t received any consideration from, I am just passionate about great services and products and enjoy spreading the word!