Before the birth of my first child I had no idea how much a parent could love a child. I had always felt love from my parents, I had seen love from others, but on my first day as a mother I truly understood how my parents felt about me. The idea that they probably felt just as excited about me as the way I was looking at my new daughter. The world looked different – of course I felt the immediate need to call my parents and thank them for the wonderful life that they had given me. Tears streamed and I sobbed as I tried to get the words out. It made me thankful and sad at the same time that it had taken so long to appreciate them in the way that they had always deserved. I was so excited for them to meet the tiny one that my body had helped create -that they and all before them had put in this exact place.

There was such a pride when I was able to introduce each of them to their first grandchild. After my father drove all night and surprised us at the door then seeing the bond between a grandfather and a granddaughter – it was something that was new since both of my grandfathers had passed before I was 2. My mother took care of me and knew what was just right for me at each step, empowering me to learn my own way while giving gentle advice when the time was right that set the tone for parenting all of my children. This kind of love and caring exemplifies what so many new mothers need in these early days of motherhood. Now 5 years later, I share this with you and is in my opinion some of the best advice a mom can give her daughter.

  • If a baby is content and happy playing on her own, let her be.
  • Nighttime is quiet time for baby
  • Trust yourself as a mother
  • Learn to get yourself out of the house with your baby -the first few times are difficult and can be intimidating but it gets easier
  • You have the strength to do this and you will