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Balance and the Whole Family Approach

Most pregnant women know that when they have their baby, life will change. Change is probably the one constant that all new moms can expect. As a baby planner, my job is to prepare families for their role as parents. This preparation varies from family to family, but I always support using a whole family [...]

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Choosing the Right Car Seat

With so many car seats on the market, parents often ask me how to determine which car seat is right for them. As a baby planner, I am not choosing the car seat but offering a simplified framework guiding each client towards two or three best choices based on their budget, lifestyle and needs. The [...]

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Babyproofing: Much More Than Just “Stuff”

Often when people think of babyproofing they think of gates and cupboard latches. They're filled with visions of endless plastic knob covers and soft cushioning destroying the look of their home. The choice of many people to put up gates and plastic barriers makes sense because of their parenting style and lifestyle needs. However, it [...]

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Common Household Dangers

Whether you DIY or have a professional childproofer service your home, the following useful tips will go a long way to maintaining safety in the home. Small Objects - Most babies can't put a small object into their little mouth fast enough.  Really anything that can fit through a toilet paper roll can be choked [...]

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Meeting People as a New Parent

Having your first baby automatically fast-forwards you into a new stage of life. All of the sudden priorities that had seemed important may become much less so, and vice versa. Relating to friends without children will become more challenging. Whether you are on temporary maternity or staying home indefinitely with your baby, many of your [...]

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Helpful Tips for the Safest Products

Anyone who is expecting or is a new parent and has begun the search through the massive mess of gear, products and toys on the market has had real moments of intimidation early on. What do I really need? Is this safe for my baby? What is the real difference in quality between brands? Can [...]

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Public and Cord Blood Banking Questions Simplified

Many have heard about the possibility of banking newborn's cord blood, but as a parent now expecting it can be overwhelming sorting out the details and trying to get accurate information. I have tried to sort it all out here and simplify it so you can make the decision that is right for you. Like [...]

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Honoring Mother’s and Father’s Day

Before the birth of my first child I had no idea how much a parent could love a child. I had always felt love from my parents, I had seen love from others, but on my first day as a mother I truly understood how my parents felt about me. The idea that they probably [...]

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Nursery Safety Tip Checklist

Images of a baby's room evoke a feeling of peace, unconditional love and innocence. Many times, while being good intentioned, items can creep up in a nursery that can make it an unsafe place for your precious one. Since your baby will spend hours of his/her time in this room, a special vigilance is needed [...]

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Safe and Stylish

I recently babyproofed the home of a client who is an interior designer.  Keeping the esthetic design was paramount while making sure that her home was safe for her newly mobile infant son.  Modern homes can pose many challenges with extra wide hallways, custom appliances and many childproofing problems that do not have a standard [...]

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